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We offer all material on a 14 day, no questions asked, return policy.If not satisfied, return the material for a full refund. We maintain photo copies of all material shipped and will promptly make refunds on the original lots and stamps shipped to you.

An e-mail to us will hold your choice for 14 days: Send your order and payment to:

Solutions Plus, Inc.
Box 31050
Bloomington, MN 55431

Not at ease buying on the Internet? Let me introduce myself.

Pricing: We maintain reasonable prices and reasonable quality . The value of material offered is based on the philatelic market in Germany, with the current Michel Specialized catalog used as a guide. The US Scott's catalog is used only as a cross index for the catalog listings more familiar to our United States customers.

Shipping: Prices, on orders over $10, are postpaid within the United States. There are no "hidden charges". Shipments to other countries, please add $5.00 for the additional postal fees.