Although we specialize in the German areas, here are some good World Wide sites to help you find that information, particular stamp, FDC, collection, or philatelic item. Most of these sites or resources have additional links to help you further in your search. If any of these links are no longer active, please inform us by e-mail.

APS Home page The American Philatelic Society
Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (BDPh) The German Society (Europe) site
German Expertizing Rules (in English) Decode how to submit your material to German Experts and learn the rules they follow.
Christ Stamps - The German Stamp Shop on the WWW
Dennis R. Abel - Stamps for Collectors. United States stamps, U. S. mint year sets, Iceland, Israel, 19th Century Fancy Cancels etc.
The Philately Dictionary in the Internet - In German
Joseph Luft Philatelic Resources
USA Online Search Resource

Other "COLLECTOR" type links (fun stuff)
Odds, Ends, Gems Jerry Jensen's odd ball stuff about the German area.
Perfins Place Perfin collectors of the world unite! Maintained by Joe Coulbourne.
Rod's Briefmarken Zeitung Enjoy Roger Smyczek's monthly tidbits to enhance your German collecting interests.
Stamps on stamps Mike Knopfler's use of the web to help his collection. A must see example!


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