Becoming a philatelist is an interesting hobby that can be done by both children and adults. It does not require a lot of resources to start. All one needs is a passion for collecting stamps, dedication and an eye for details. Whether you are an established stamp collector, or you are just starting out, this page will provide you will the necessary information of what it takes to become a stamp collector. It is a one-stop place for everything you need to know about philately.

Unique Stamps

In this page, you will find interesting details on some of the unique stamps all over the world. Did you know that there are stamps that cost more than 300,000 US dollars? You read that, right! More information on some of the most expensive stamps from all over the world is explored in this page, including the origin of the first adhesive stamps and what makes some of the stamps worth collecting. Under the unique stamps, you will also get a list of some of the stamps from around the world that have iconic landmarks. The landmarks range from national parks, protected areas, to buildings where history was made. This section also reinforces the fact that collecting stamps is more than just a hobby; it is also a learning process and a journey towards discovering the world.

Why Become a Philatelist

When you decide to become a philatelist, in this day and age when everyone seems to be glued on their computer and phone screen, one of the questions you are likely to get is: “Why did you decide to do it?”

This blog gets deeper into explaining why more people should consider collecting stamps. Stamp collection is an easy way to relieve stress. It is also an interesting way to bond with friends and create a legacy if you have children. There are so many reasons why this hobby has stood the test of time. The other purpose is that it opens up numerous possibilities and makes one yearn for travel. Here, you will find some of the many things to consider if you are collecting stamps in Europe. It also has a guide on how to start your journey across Europe as a stamp collector.

If you are a stamp collector and you are feeling a bit lost on how to push things forward, you will find many articles that will nudge you in the right direction.