Finding Exotic Stamps Whilst Traveling Europe

It is always a fun adventure looking for exotic stamps no matter what part of the world you are in. But travelling around Europe looking for them is another story. You will find lots of positive things to see and do on your trip around Europe collecting exotic stamps. Getting to go and visit beautiful cities is an experience in itself, taking in all the historical sites and collecting all those stamps with the pictures on them relating to the places you visit is an exciting past time.

Getting Started

Starting your stamp collection when travelling around Europe is simple. Many youngsters begin by saving used stamps from the letters, packages, and postcards their families send back home. But around Europe it is different you may visit a historical site, and your child can collect actual stamps in souvenir shops. Some people save entire envelopes of stamps while travelling in Europe. Others focus on the stamp itself. To remove the stamp, first, tear or cut off the upper right-hand corner of the envelope or card. Place it image-side down in a small pan of warm water. The stamp should sink to the bottom after a few minutes, but wait a few minutes more for any remaining glue to dissolve from the stamp. Then take the stamp out of the water using tweezers or stamp tongs, so the oil from your skin doesn’t damage your stamps.

Other Things to Do While Traveling Around Europe

While travelling around Europe buy albums which have plastic or paper pockets on them to stamp catalogue, a reference book with illustrations and information about your stamps will come in handy as you hold the stamps. You may want to make sure you have your mobile phone, then while in hotels, you can play on your phone. Try downloading the Unibet App because casino games can be fun.

You may want to get some glassine envelopes, made of thin, see-through paper, to hold and protect stamps until you have time to put them in your album. Research your stamps and a magnifying glass will help you study the tiny details and look for distinctive markings on your stamps.